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Some Terms & Conditions


Our spot is teeny-tiny... and we kinda like it that way... but consequently it means that we often get crazy busy-especially on weekends; so regrettably we aren't taking bookings at the moment. We may open bookings up in the near future, but we want to give everyone the opportunity to join us for brunch.


Yes... even though we are a small crack in the street edge of Jan Smuts Ave; we do often host private functions. We are happy to engage on an individual basis and try work out how we can accommodate your event. So please email us or drop us a DM on instagram so we can plan it with you. We tend to not book out the space for events on weekends before 13:00; as our Saturday and Sunday mornings are our prime brunch sessions.


We have a tiny kitchen; and we aim to make as much as we can, fresh. So make yourself comfortable, have a couple of drinks, and bare with us try give you the most delicious experience that we can. If you have any problems or recommendations  we are happy to chat with you about them. 


WiFi is free b*tches...... We are more than happy to have you working in our shop on our free wifi; but we are a tiny space, with limited seats so we do encourage you to be courteous and manage your work sessions with us and grab a couple of coffees and some food to make the limited real estate work for both of us.

USERNAME:  Morning Glory

PASSWORD:  riseandgrind


We love dogs... maybe even more than you do.... but not all of our patrons may feel the same way.... so although we are happy to accommodate your furry friends, we do encourage you to respect other patrons and opt for a table outside if your pooch is joining you.... don't forget to order your pooch a puppuccino.

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